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Putting our hidden protectors centre stage

We’re taking a look back at the last 12 months during which time we’ve unveiled some exciting product and manufacturing developments. Here are our headlines from the year.

Our sustainable solutions

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. Our reflective membrane product range has been specifically developed to improve the operational energy efficiency of buildings and this year we’re proud to have published  Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for three of our construction membrane products (Protect TF200 Thermo, Protect VC Foil Ultra and Protect TF200) – providing clear sustainability and life cycle assessment data about our products for specifiers.

This year we’ve also launched a number of in-house sustainability initiatives to further reduce the environmental impact of our business operations as a UK manufacturer, headed up by our Group Sustainability Board. As part of this we’re progressing towards accreditation to the ISO 50001 energy management standard and we are continuing our drive for recycling waste including closed loop ABS which goes back into new product. We’re also researching ways to improve the environmental footprint of our packaging, such as working with suppliers and customers to reduce the plastic content.

Our hidden protectors within the building envelope are also playing a key role in future developments and we’re proud to have worked alongside Bellway Homes on The Future Home@The University of Salford, a detached timber frame house constructed within the Energy House 2.0 energy performance test facility where we’ve supplied a range of specialist construction membranes. This research project will provide a greater understanding of how energy efficient and low carbon building techniques can help reduce the environmental impact of housebuilding and the wider construction industry.

As a result of this involvement at Energy House 2.0, we are also working collaboratively with DiscreteHeat Co. Ltd on its innovative new heated skirting board system. Tests showed that when combined with our Protect VC Foil Ultra reflective membrane, its energy efficient, radiant heat benefits are further enhanced.

Choice is everything


We’re continually investing in our product ranges and this year has been no exception. We have a comprehensive collection of underlays and ventilation products for use on all cold and warm pitched roofs, all of which can be used where integrated, in-roof solar PV panels are being installed.

One recent addition is our new Protect A1 Solar heavy duty, type HR impermeable roofing underlay, which we recently launched in the market. Due to its impermeable design and high resistance to water vapour transfer, Protect A1 Solar eliminates the need for a ventilated counter batten space above the membrane, saving labour time and material cost. This is just one of our products that can be used with in-roof solar panels, others include our other impermeable HR roofing membranes and also our range of vapour permeable roof underlays, including our air and vapour permeable underlays.

And in September, the team were at the annual Offsite Expo in Coventry to showcase how our wide array of solutions deliver benefits for the offsite sector, including energy efficiency, airtightness, ventilation, condensation control and damp proofing.


Transparency is everything

Early engagement, close supply chain collaboration and transparency of information are crucial to creating buildings that are as energy efficient as possible – minimising the performance gap. With specifiers facing even stricter rules on the performance of building products, from the uplifted Building Regulations to the new Building Safety Act, manufacturers like ourselves have a critical role to play in ensuring a safe and sustainable specification process.

In April the latest updates to Structural Timber Association’s STA Advice Note 18 – ‘Breather membranes to structural walls’ were published having been compiled in collaboration with several specialist manufacturers including representatives from Glidevale Protect. The new guidelines highlight the importance of providing specifiers with trusted, and tested, technical product information regarding areas such as watertightness and aged thermal resistance. We are committed to providing full technical transparency to our customers and fully support the renewed focus on providing specifiers with reliable technical information for external wall membranes.

To assist specifiers when working on roofing projects, we’ve also published an informative white paper which provides practical guidance on the ventilation strategies required for use with different types of roofing membranes to meet the requirements of BS 5250:2021, the management of moisture in buildings code of practice.

Whatever product area you are interested in, our experienced in-house Technical team is always on hand to advise on creating fully compliant packages to create better buildings and healthy homes. Contact them on +44 (0)161 905 5700 or by email at Follow us on LinkedIn.

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