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Condensation control

As buildings are increasingly designed to be more airtight and energy efficient, it’s important to achieve the correct balance of ventilation and aid the occupier health and well being. Left unchecked, the build-up of harmful condensation can lead to mould and mildew which damages interior decoration.


Glidevale Protect’s comprehensive range of airtightness solutions include air and vapour control layers (AVCLs), air barriers, a range of loft access hatches and sealing tapes. As the requirement for increased airtightness in buildings intensifies in order to address the global challenges of climate change, a fabric first approach from Glidevale Protect ensures full compliance to the latest regulations, including Passivhaus, helping to deliver low carbon designs and improved energy efficiency.

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Breather membranes

Glidevale Protect offers a complete range of external wall breather membranes ideal for offsite and volumetric construction projects. Our collection includes reflective, insulating membranes which are ideal to enhance the overall thermal performance of many wall types including timber frame, Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels and light gauge steel frame construction. Used on the cold side of the insulation, the membranes’ high vapour permeability combines with our air and vapour control layers on the warm side of the insulation to deliver full condensation control and the management of moisture within the wall cavity.

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Building ventilation

Glidevale Protect’s building ventilation range includes wall ventilation, trickle ventilation for windows, a range of underfloor ventilation and an intelligent, whole-house building ventilation system, iPSV.

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Roofing underlays

Roof underlays are essential for virtually all tile and slate pitched roof constructions, helping to provide the second line of defence against wind-driven rain and snow. Helping to reduce the wind loading applied to the roof covering, Glidevale Protect offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of roofing membranes available for cold or warm roofs, working hand in hand with our associated ventilation products. All of our roofing underlays offer excellent water resistance and some of the best wind uplift performance ratings on the market, with products suitable for use across the UK and Ireland to resist the imposed wind loads for any given location, without the need for taped laps.

Click here for details of our 15 year product warranty for roofing underlays and ventilation used as a system with solar applications.

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Roofing ventilation

Glidevale Protect offers a wide selection of roofing ventilation products suitable for all tile and slate roofs. As one of the market leaders in tile ventilator manufacture in the UK, Glidevale Protect’s range has been collated for over 35 years and includes hundreds of dedicated profiled tile ventilators matching almost any tile available on the market. The range includes cowl slate & tile vents, in-line slate & tile vents, rafter, fascia, soffit, and eaves vents.

Click here for details of our 15 year product warranty for roofing underlays and ventilation used as a system with solar applications.

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Roofing accessories

Glidevale Protect offers a range of roofing accessories for all tile and slate roofs which complement the roofing product portfolio and provide an ideal alternative to traditional products. The range includes Protect Fulmetal RediRoll, a ventilated dry ridge & hip system, dry verge systems, valley troughs, bonding strips, eaves skirt and Protect AluFlash, the environmentally friendly alternative to lead flashing.

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