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Vapour permeable & airtight underlays

Glidevale Protect manufactures a tried and trusted collection of type LR (low resistance) underlays, which are vapour peremable and airtight, allowing water vapour to disperse into the atmosphere to control the risk of condensation, whilst protecting against water ingress. Where used in a cold roof solution, this type of underlay should be used in conjunction with either low level eaves ventilation or at high-level through tile or ridge vents. Where the loft space is used as a living space, this type of underlay offers an ideal solution, with no additional ventilation needed providing the ceiling is well-sealed and a vapour control layer on the warm side of the insulation is in place.

Our collection includes

Protect VP200 vapour permeable underlay

Protect VP300 vapour permeable underlay

Protect VP400 Plus LR vapour permeable underlay

Protect Zytec vapour permeable underlay

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Glidevale Protect is a division of Building Product Design Ltd.

Other subsidiaries include ventilation systems specialist Passivent and Kingfisher Louvres, manufacturer of aluminium louvres systems.

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