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Protect AluFlash frequently asked questions

Q. What is AluFlash and where is it used?

AluFlash is a light-weight, environmentally friendly alternative to lead and can be used as a weathering flashing material or as an internal lining for box gutters.

Q. How long does it last when fitted?

The product is designed to last a minimum of 30 years if it is fitted correctly and in accordance with the manufacturers fixing instructions.

If the flashings are to be left unsecured for any length of time or are subject to strong winds, it is advised that a batten be fixed across the face of the flashing to prevent wind uplift.

Q. What colours are available for AluFlash?

AluFlash is available in two colours: terracotta and lead grey.

Q. Is AluFlash certified?

Yes, AluFlash has been independently certified by BM TRADA. Click here to view the certificate.

Q. What is it made from?

AluFlash is a combination of a highly durable aluminium sheet with solvent lacquer upper surface and an adhesive butyl backing, with high levels of adhesion to prevent wind uplift to prevent water penetration.

AluFlash can be used in water harvesting areas as it is nontoxic, this also makes it safer for the user to work with.

Q. Do I need to patinate it once its fitted?

No, as it has a lacquered finish there is no need for patination, it will not oxidise or stain in the same way as lead does.

This saves time and money for the user and removes the need for more aggressive chemicals on site (patination oil is flammable and should be applied using rubber gloves).

Q. What widths are available and if I need to join it what overlap should I give it?

The roll length is 5m. Widths available in the following sizes 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500 and 600mm.

When using the flashing without an attached cavity tray, it will be necessary to form overlaps. For horizontal overlaps, allow a minimum of 100mm, at a maximum of 1.6m centres. For stepped overlaps (e.g. along a sloping side edge abutment) allow a minimum of 50mm overlap, at maximum, 1.6m centres.

Q. When should I use cross corrugated and  when should I use the embossed finish?

The cross corrugated finish has been designed for use where the flashing must be moulded over and around complex shapes such as profiled roof tiles and corner junctions.

The unique cross-corrugation pattern allows the AluFlash to curve and bend in more than one direction at once.

The embossed finish is designed for applications requiring less complex shaping such as pitched roof valleys, secret gutters, soakers for slates and double-lap tiles and box gutters.

Q. Do I need any special tools?

Glidevale Protect separately supply the AluFlash fixing tool but would recommend using a block of wood rounded at the corners if performing a single application. AluFlash can be easily cut with a pair of good scissors or a stanley knife and therefore does not require any specialist tools for cutting.

Q. Does it have a fire rating?

Yes, it has an AA fire rating which enables unrestricted use.

To read more on the benefits of lead-free flashings, please click here

For further information regarding AluFlash, please find product literature here or visit the full product page.

For further technical assistance regarding AluFlash, and all Glidevale Protect products, please phone 0161 905 5700 or email

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