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Glidevale presents ultra-low maintenance, intelligent passive stack ventilation system for social housing

Glidevale, the specialist building products and ventilation solutions provider, has launched iPSV®, a humidity-sensitive, passive stack ventilation system which requires virtually no maintenance once installed. Designed to combat harmful condensation, the energy efficient system is ideally suited to new build social housing and refurbishment projects.

The system has no electrical connections making installation straightforward. Once fitted, it requires no further adjustments or commissioning. With ‘intelligent’ yet simple components containing very few moving parts this has the net effect of lower lifetime costs.

iPSV offers comparable and in some cases superior energy efficiency compared with other ventilation systems. Operating without the need for power, there are no direct CO² emissions as a result of ventilating a property.

“Efficient and effective ventilation is mandatory under building regulations for modern airtight dwellings and to meet the need for low energy consumption,” says Senior Product Manager Laura Hughes. “Glidevale’s  iPSV allows the most up-to-date ventilation requirements to be met with ease.”

A whole-house ventilation system,  iPSV is controlled by responsive air inlets and extracts which react automatically to changes in relative humidity. When the condensation risk is high, the humidity-sensitive control provides an automatic boost effect to allow greater airflow. As the humidity levels fall, the airflow is reduced. Working silently 24 hours a day with no operating controls or electrical connections, the  iPSV system is less likely to be tampered with by occupants, ensuring that the system runs at optimal performance.

The importance of indoor air quality is becoming increasingly recognised as buildings are built to be airtight and more energy efficient. The lack of adequate ventilation in a home can cause a build-up of harmful pollutants, which can be five times higher indoors than outdoors when vents and windows are kept closed¹. Poor ventilation can also result in high levels of moisture, leading to harmful condensation and mould spores. Together these factors can lead to ill health including asthma and other respiratory problems especially in those people with low immune systems, such as children and older people.

With over 30 years in operation, the  iPSV system meets the requirements of Building Regulations and Standards in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, and is also BBA certified.

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