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Protect FrameSafe FR frequently asked questions

Q. What is Protect FrameSafe FR made from?

A. FrameSafe is a woven glass fibre fabric that is enhanced with a protective coating to provide watertightness whilst maintaining the material’s resistance to fire.

Q. How does Protect FrameSafe FR perform in terms of tensile strength?

A. The glass fibre filaments used in this product have been designed to provide enhanced tensile strength.  As glass fibre is hydrophilic, an additional protective coating is required to provide the required watertightness.

Q. Which way around should Protect FrameSafe FR be installed?

A. The black coated side of the fabric should always face to the outside as this is the waterproofing layer of the product and provides enhanced UV protection. This information is relayed in the fire classification report and stated in the fixing instructions.

Q. What is the maximum exposure time for Protect FrameSafe FR?

A. The product has strong UV stability and can be left exposed for up to six months, ideally suited to high rise developments.

Fire Performance

Q. What does the Protect FrameSafe FR A2 classification mean?

A. When classified to BS EN 13501-1, the product achieves an A2 rating which means it is classed as non-combustible and will not significantly contribute to the development of a fire.

S classification – Refers to the level of smoke generated during assessment, with 1 being the lowest level and 3 the highest

D classification – Refers to the level of flaming droplets produced during testing, with 0 being no droplets and 2 being the highest rating.

Q. What fire testing has Protect FrameSafe FR been subjected to?

A. As specified in BS EN 13501-1, two different fire test methods are required to achieve a classification of A2. These are tests to ISO 1716 (PCS testing) and to BS EN 13823 (single burning item).  Protect FrameSafe FR has been independently tested to both these tests.

ISO 1716 assesses the energy released when a material is completely combusted, and maximum pass criteria is set within BS EN 13501-1.

BS EN 13823 simulates a fire starting in the corner of a room with material under test exposed to the development stage of a fire. This test assesses smoke production, flame spread, energy release etc and can be undertaken free hanging or under end use conditions i.e., fixed as per use over a substrate.

Q. What substrates has Protect FrameSafe FR been tested with?

A. Testing has been undertaken both free hanging and with A1 and A2 substrate to provide the widest field of application for the product. Low density options from the standard substrate for SBI testing have been used, so any substrate with a fire classification of A2 or higher and a density EQUAL to or HIGHER than the tested density is acceptable for use.

Q. What does Field of Application (FOA) mean?

A. The field of application is documented in the fire classification report and states the conditions under which the report is valid. Anything outside of the FOA does not comply with the stated fire classification.

In Use

Q. How is Protect FrameSafe FR fixed when applied over sheathing?

A. The material is fixed mechanically over the sheathing substrate. It is recommended that self-tapping/self-drilling stainless steel fixings with EPDM washers are used and secured into the frame behind the sheathing.

Q. How is Protect FrameSafe FR fixed when applied over insulation?

A. The material is fixed mechanically over the insulation substrate. It is recommended that self-tapping/self-drilling stainless steel fixings with EPDM washers are used and fixed through the insulation and sheathing into the frame of the building. It may be necessary to use proprietary insulation washers to create a stable fixing over the insulation layer due to its fibrous nature.

Q. Should overlaps of Protect FrameSafe FR membrane be tape sealed?

A. It is recommended that overlaps are sealed with Protect FR double sided tape to secure the material and limit movement of the membrane laps in windy conditions.

Q. Are alternative tapes suitable to be used with Protect FrameSafe FR?

A. Fire testing has only been undertaken with Protect FR sealing tape and so the end use application test report only relates to this situation. If another tape is used it is up to the end user to assess its suitability for use by testing or under the exemptions contained within Approved Document Part B. Therefore, using both the Protect FrameSafe FR membrane and the Protect FR tape together as part of an approved system which has been independently tested gives more reassurance to specifiers.

Q. What about specific detailing requirements?

A. Please liaise with Glidevale Protect’s Technical team as required for the necessary guidance and support for a specific project. Recommended mechanical fixings are also available from the Technical team.


Q. Is the product suitable for high rise?

A. Protect FrameSafe FR is suitable for all building heights, whether low, medium, or high rise so is a product that can be used across the construction landscape. Whether 18m+ or to suit low level residential build, FrameSafe FR offers added fire safety reassurance for any high risk development.

Q. Can you print onto these products as a co-branded option?

A. Yes, this will be available as required. Please contact us at to discuss in more detail.

Q. Is a DoP and DoC available for both UKCA and CE marking purposes?

A. Yes, these are available and documentation can be achieved by contacting

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