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Construction membranes

Our high-performance range of construction membranes can help improve airtightness and the overall thermal efficiency of the building fabric. By reducing air leakage, the amount of heat loss from a building can also be reduced and we offer a comprehensive range of construction membranes to suit a variety of applications and project types.

Breather membranes

Glidevale Protect offers a comprehensive range of membranes including standard breather membranes as well as reflective, insulating walls membranes for improved thermal efficiency. These can be used individually or with our other breather and airtightness membranes and are ideal for both traditional and offsite construction projects.

Flooring Membranes

Flooring membranes are an effective way to protect a wide range of floor substrates from damage caused by we trades and foot traffic during construction, refurbishment and decoration projects.

Our Protect F1 flooring membrane with integrated lap and sealing tapes, is a high performance and multi-purpose coated non-woven membrane which will keep all floor areas clean, dry and protected from debris and damage.

Other construction membranes

We have solutions for most situations and our range of construction membranes also includes our Protect RP110 high-performance multi-purpose membrane as well as a floor cassette membrane and root protection barrier.

Vapour Control Layers and Airtightness Membranes

Controlling the levels of air and moisture that enter and escape a building is an essential part of creating energy-efficient and healthy structures, which is why we also offer a wide selection of airtightness membranes and vapour control layers.

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Other subsidiaries include ventilation systems specialist Passivent and Kingfisher Louvres, manufacturer of aluminium louvres systems.

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