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Do you really want to tape the laps of your underlay?

With the changes to BS5534 relating to wind uplift, many underlay manufacturers have had to resort to taping the laps of their product together in an attempt to meet the geographical wind zone requirements. This not only adds extra cost, time and labour to your roofing project but raises further questions about long term adhesion durability, waste disposal of release liners and changes in ventilation provisions. Using Protect roof underlays, none of these issues arise as no tapes are required.

Protect have roofing underlays for every geographical wind zone with no tapes or counter battens required.

Key benefits:

  • A wide range of roofing underlays which can be used in zone 1 through to zone 5.*
  • No tapes required to seal the underlay laps.
  • Unsealed laps provide a water vapour route out of the roof, reducing the risk of harmful condensation in the roof space.
  • No tapes means you are not wasting money on unnecessary materials and labour.
  • Protect 1.5m wide rolls of underlay used with the Protect Eaves Skirt can be fitted to coincide with the gauged battens in such a way as to ensure that each overlap of underlay is restrained without the need for any additional restraining battens, providing a cost effective means of compliance to BS5534 anywhere in the UK.

Protect roof underlays do not require tape to seal the underlay laps to achieve these results.



* Underlay suitability may vary throughout the UK. Protect VP400 Plus LR, A1 and A1 T3 underlays can be used in any wind zone in the UK based on conditions as stated in BS5534:2014.

** Applies to Protect VP400 Plus LR, A1 and A1 T3 roofing underlays when used with Protect Eaves Skirt and a batten gauge of 345mm.

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