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Versa-Tile G5 ventilator

Glidevale Versa-Tile G5 is the ultimate universal tile ventilator and terminal solution for stockists, merchants and roofing contractors.

The versatile design resolves the problem of tile profile matching with a single solution for all. It can be used for all roof space ventilation requirements and can also be adapted into an SVP and mechanical extraction terminal by means of a pipe adaptor and flexible pipe.

Features and benefits

  • Universal design suits virtually all interlocking single lap tiles.
  • New lower profile.
  • Available in 7 UV-stable house colours of red, brown, grey, black, terracotta, red streak and blue/black.
  • Proven in use for over 15 years.
  • Incorporating AluFlash on the leading front edge for ultimate weathering and wind uplift security.
  • Driving and deluge rain resistance demonstrated by test.
  • Guaranteed 20,000 mm² ventilation.
  • Designed and developed under BS EN ISO 9001.



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Glidevale Protect is a division of Building Product Design Ltd.

Other subsidiaries include ventilation systems specialist Passivent and Kingfisher Louvres, manufacturer of aluminium louvres systems.

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