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Protect Party Wall Air Barrier

The Protect Party Wall Air Barrier (PWAB) has been specifically developed to overcome the problems of heat loss from party walls in timber frame construction. With the ongoing importance of increased airtightness in a structure to maximise energy efficiency, research has shown that party wall cavities can allow a significant amount of air movement in the cavity causing associated loss of energy. To address this, the cavity is required to be effectively sealed. PWAB’s unique airtight yet vapour permeable construction allows the membrane to achieve the requirements for air sealing, but still allow water vapour to escape.

Features & benefits

  • PWAB membrane is highly vapour permeable in excess of the minimum value required for wall membranes.
  • Completely water and airtight.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Available in a handy300mm x 25m roll suited for timber frame party walls.
  • PWAB Pack includes the Protect Reinforced Universal Tape to make the airtight seal on the roll edges around the party wall perimeter.
  • UKCA and CE marked.



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