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Want to know more about trickle vents?

The Glidevale range of trickle ventilators (trickle vents) can be used to provide background ventilation in all types of building, with solutions for all types of application and window type. In this article we feature the answers to the questions most commonly posed to our Technical team.

Q. What is a trickle ventilator and where is it used?

A. A trickle ventilator allows outside air to trickle through the head of a window frame, without draughts, bringing fresh air into the living space to help prevent mould and damp growth.

Q. Which trickle vent should I choose from the Glidevale range?

A. Click here to see the full range. However, if you are unsure which is the most suitable product, please call our helpful Technical team on 0161 905 5700 to discuss projects and for advice on the best ventilation solution. Alternatively, e-mail the technical team with your enquiry and drawings at

Q. Do Glidevale trickle vents require an electrical supply?

A. No, Glidevale trickle vents have either a manual or automatic humidity sensitive operation. Our Energy Saver Humidity Sensitive trickle vents open and close when its humidity sensitive strands expand and contract depending on humidity levels within the living space.

Q. Can your vents be retrofitted?

A. Yes, Glidevale trickle vents can be retrofitted. However, it is dependent on the cut slots fitting in the window frame where the vent is to be positioned. For further information please contact our Technical Department on 0161 905 5700.

Q. I live next to a noisy road, will the vents let noise in?

A. The Acoustic Vent range is perfect for installations in areas where there are high levels of noise. The Acoustic Energy Saver Humidity Sensitive (TVES4dB) and the Acoustic Low Profile (TVALdB450 and (TVALdB800) reduce sound travelling through the vent, whilst allowing ventilation into the property. Our largest vent, the TVALdB800, is capable of sound reduction up to 42dB Dn,e,w.

Q. Are the trickle vents available in various colours?

A. Glidevale Energy Saver Humidity Sensitive internal vents are available in white, brown or black as standard. The Glidevale Ultra Vent range are bright white as standard. The Acoustic Low Profile internal vent is available in white or grey as standard. The external canopy Ultra Grilles, designed for use with all internal vents, are available as standard in bright white.

Vents can be also be colour matched to a specific RAL number on request. Please be aware there is an additional charge to spray the vents and the lead time would be slightly longer than standard.

Q. What are the trickle vents made from?

A. The materials used for the manufacture of the vents vary depending on the vent type. The Energy Saver Humidity Sensitive vent is made from injection moulded polystyrene, the Acoustic Low Profile vent is aluminium with a polyester paint finish and the Ultra Vent is manufactured from polyester powder coated aluminium with polymer end caps.

Q. What maintenance is required once the vents are fitted?

A. Glidevale trickle vents are maintenance free once fitted, we advise they are cleaned periodically with a damp cloth.

Q. Can your vents be used to assist in meeting the ventilation requirements in Approved Document F of the Building Regulations?

A. Glidevale trickle vents can be used to provide background ventilation to comply with Building Regulations Approved Document F. Contact our Technical Department who will be able to advise on requirements and to discuss the suitability of our whole house ventilation approach using the Glidevale Intelligent Passive Stack Ventilation (iPSV) system. More information about the Glidevale iPSV system can be found here.

Q. Can water get through them?

A. All Glidevale trickle vents meet the requirement of BS 6375-1 for the resistance to water penetration. Additionally, the Glidevale Ultra Vent 5000 achieves 1000 Pa pressure with no leakage in the closed position when tested to BS EN 1027; 2000.

Q. Where can I purchase the trickle ventilators?

A. Glidevale Trickle vents can be purchased through most major builder’s merchants. Alternatively, they can be purchased by visiting our on-line store at

For more information regarding trickle vents and advice on which of our solutions to use, please contact our Technical team on 0161 905 5700 or

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