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In the spotlight – Fulmetal RediRoll

Protect Fulmetal RediRoll is a unique and universal, ventilated ridge and hip system that provides uninterrupted air flow at the roof’s ridge. Here we look at the questions that our Technical Team is asked most frequently about the product.

Q. Building Control has told me I need to ventilate at the ridge, is Fulmetal RediRoll suitable?

A. When a pitched roof requires ventilation, the amount of ventilation to a ridge is always 5,000mm²/m in accordance with BS 5250. Fulmetal RediRoll will provide 5000mm2/m free area and complies with the British Standard.

Q. Does Fulmetal RediRoll have unions between the ridge tiles?

A. RediRolls design is fully aluminum, which is rot proofand there is no need for cumbersome plastic ridge unions to seal the gaps between the ridge tiles. These unions are often difficult to fit, add unnecessary time to any installation and fade over time through UV ageing. Instead of unions, the RediRoll is supplied with stainless steel clips to provide a mechanical fix and an even ridge tile spacing. Designed for quick installation and to prevent light bleed between ridges, screw sleeves are also sold as part of the RediRoll pack.

The product also has a special hooded ventilation design to prevent water ingress.

Q. Is Fulmetal RediRoll suitable for use with all ridge tiles?

A. RediRoll fits most ridges and hips – it is truly universal. It can also be used on mono ridges. However, if using with socketed ridge tiles or a decorative crest ridge please contact our Technical Department for further installation advice on 0161 905 5700 or at

Q. Does your product comply with BS 8612:2018 the Dry Fix Standard for Ridge, Hip and Verge systems for Slating and Tiling?

A. Protect Fulmetal RediRoll is fully compliant with this standard. The standard was launched in 2018, fuelled by fast growth of the dry fix market. This means a dedicated and recognised standard is available where performance requirements are specified for dry-fixed ridge and hip ventilation systems to ensure only the best products are installed.

Q. What is Fulmetal RediRoll made from?

A. The roll is manufactured entirely from aluminium, which means the product is AA fire rated and thus enables unrestricted use. It also has a butyl tape strip to the underside of the roll to allow the product to adhere to roof tiles. The product is non-toxic.

Q. Can the ridge tiles be fixed with wet mortar?

A. The RediRoll requires a 6mm space between the ridge tiles as this is the ventilation path. We have completed comprehensive testing to ensure the product is watertight and fully complies with BS 8612 which ensures the fixings are enough without the need to fix with mortar.

Q. How does the RediRoll prevent insects getting into the roof?

A. The aluminium roll is laid over the open ridge and acts as an insect mesh as the ventilation holes in the product are only 4mm in size.

Q. I have a mono pitch roof tile, would the RediRoll be suitable for this application?

A. Our RediRoll product is suitable to use on a mono pitch ridge, the fitting is similar to that of a normal ridge tile. Our fixing instructions, supplied with the product, explain how RediRoll is fitted in this application, alternatively contact our Technical Department for further installation advice on 0161 905 5700 or at

For more information about Fulmetal RediRoll, click here.

To read a case study about Fulmetal RediRoll used in a mono ridge application at Danbury Palace, a Grade II listed building in Essex, click here.

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